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Deep Peace Sound Bath Plus Reiki/Reflexology

Schedule: Every Third Wednesday Night
Medium sound bath large
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Join Certified Holistic Practitioners Stacey Pickering and Chrystyna Prochaska every 3rd Wednesday of the month for a peaceful & uplifting evening of healing sound vibrations + (optional Reiki & Reflexology.
Unwind and nurture yourself with the beautiful sound vibrations of crystal and Tibetan bowls, chimes, and other percussion instruments. The sonic vibrations that ring out can create clear pathways in us for opening, releasing, connection, balance, and stillness. These powerful sounds can help us feel grounded, energized, peaceful, and whole.
Stacey and Chrystyna will combine these healing sounds with energy-balancing Reiki and Elemental Reflexology. These hands-on practices can connect us with our natural state of tranquility  and wholeness. Participants are given the option of simply enjoying the sound vibrations without receiving these therapies.  Gratitude offering includes all the services offered during the evening.
Suggested gratitude of $20 is all inclusive for all offered modalities.  Meets every third Wednesday from 7:00 to 8:15 pm in the Community Room.
Please feel free to bring anything that will make your sitting or lying down experience comfortable. Chairs will be available as well as a limited amount of yoga mats, blankets, and cushions.
For questions, please contact Chrystyna at 216-314-7948 or
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